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Alice Bertschy Bio

Dance ∆ Pilates ∆ Masssage

'As far as I can remember, dance has always been part of my life and will always be, dance is for me feeling alive in the most complete way. 

As I was growing up, I was also always very curious about the body, the mind, and about how things all work, mechanically, physiologically and psychically. I started with pilates quite early, which gave me this wonderful comprehension of the body's mechanics, and later in my life I added massage, which deepened this connection to the body and showed me that so much can be done through touch.  

I now work with those 3 things and try to transmit as much as possible through teaching, coaching and massage therapy. '


Born in Besançon, France, I started creative dance at the age of 3 in Lausanne, and started ballet at 6 in Geneva at the Académie de danse de Genève. I then changed to the school Dance Area there before attending the English National Ballet School in London. After graduating, I worked with the Polish National Ballet in Warsaw, dancing the big classical repertoire as well as working with some international modern choreographers.

Following that I decided to take a break and worked as a volunteer in a horse stable in Poland. I enjoyed very much the close simple contact with the animals and nature, which inspired me for some video projects, and learned a lot by training and taking care of horses.

I then returned to my family in Basel/Alsace where I worked with the ballet school of Maria Guerrero, while starting my training as a massage therapist and pilates teacher. Pilates had been already part of my life since I was 14, when I had personal training with an ex-dancer who taught everything.  Continuing to use Pilates during my carrier, I then completed the Polestar Pilates Mat instructor course in Basel and did some further education for pre/post-natal, mat variation, and anatomy in movement.  Parallel to this, after completing my training as a massage therapist in France, I started to work in a institute, and 2 years ago I opened my own studio, Best of You, where I offer massage and private Pilates coaching. I also taught pilates in diverse studios, and currently teaching at the Pro Ballet School in Basel. Since a few years I have also started teaching ballet, which I enjoy very much, and now teach in several studios (Formbar Tanzstudio, Faden Fabrik), and also regularly for the Profitraining, Tanzbüro Basel.

In my free time in the last few years I try to invest in small project such as videos and a short movies, which enables me to keep my creative side alive.  

Alice Bertcshy Dance
Alice Bertschy Dance
Alice Bertschy Dance
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